The Dimensions of a Wine Bottle

If you are considering transforming your basement into a home wine cellar, you are not alone. The installation of home wine cellars is a booming business, especially in the luxury home market. When mapping out your wine cellar, you might want to know the size of a standard wine bottle. Ninety percent of your home […]

How to Get the Right Pool Cue Racks

The pool cue racks are necessary for taking good care of your cues and keeping them from getting ruined. In order to have a good cue case, it is important to know that where from you can have a good pool cue case and what feature you should consider before it. As most of the […]

T-Shirt Printing – The Art of Self Expression

Many fields have become defined by the presence of major chains and corporate entities. This includes the likes of {big banks (many of which have imploded recently), sprawling dining brands or household fashion names, it has got harder for people to maintaint their individuality as the everyone seems to be wearing the same things. The […]

I'm Looking for a Skill Set in Communications

This is the last in a series of articles devoted to communications in relation to Customer Service. If you are in a busy Customer Service environment (phones ringing, people asking questions and as usual, shorthanded) I am sure that a tool that is easy to use and implement would be helpful. I have been reading […]

The Sizes of Pool Tables – How to Know Which Billiards Table Size is Right For You

Many people who come to buy a billiards table for the very first table are surprised to learn that pool tables don’t all come in one standard size. In reality, there are four standard sizes that a player can get for their home game room. Which one you settle on is going to be determined […]

Basic Rules of Snooker

Snooker is a beautiful game which utilizes 22 balls; 15 reds, 6 different colored balls, and one white ball. The 6 colored balls are colored yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black; in ascending order of value. Yellow is worth 2 points, green 3 and so on. Each red ball is worth 1 point. The […]

An Eccentric Lifestyle Popular in the Early 19th Century Has Left Us the Graham Cracker and More!

The Presbyterian Reverend Sylvester Graham, an early 19th century proponent of an extreme, aesthetic lifestyle, is largely forgotten today. During his life, however, he was amazingly popular and many of the theories he espoused are actually popular to this day, though he is rarely credited with their acceptance. He was also widely reviled and a […]

Unique Pool Table Lights Add to the Atmosphere

In order to find unique pool table lights, you may have to search for a while on the internet. If you were to select the typical pool table lights, the task would be easy. Nevertheless, if you place an order from a site that offers customized lighting, the wow factor for your game room or […]

Ways to Lose Your Customers

I try to make daily choices to be positive, and encourage (and train) others to do the same. This includes how we perceive situations, the language we use, the types of feelings we try to empower (positive versus defeating), and our mental talk. There are times however, when I think great learning can come from […]

Custom Pools Vs Stock Pools – A Comparison

Are you looking for a unique pool design that will really stand out in your neighborhood? Custom pools fit the bill. Unlike stock designs that are cookie-cutter in appearance and look like everyone else’s on the block, custom designs offer much more flexibility in design that allows you to let your creative juices flow; you […]