A new update will finally kill the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 once and for all

Samsung’s planning to release an even better Galaxy Note phone this year after the Galaxy Note 7 (pictured) literally flamed out.Image: brittany herbert/mashable By Raymond Wong2017-03-27 15:04:06 UTC The last remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones that haven’t been returned will finally be put out of their misery (or sold as refurbished devices). Samsung’s planning to […]

‘Tinder for elites’ is coming to London because dating isn’t already hard enough

Just when you thought dating couldn’t get any harder, a super-exclusive dating app for the crème de la crème of “ambitious intellectuals” is about to land in London.  The League — which has been dubbed “Tinder for the elites” — claims to cater to “the intelligent, educated and ambitious” who are looking for a “‘power […]

The new head of the White House Office of American Innovation has never tweeted

What? Me Tweet?Image: REYNOLDS/EPA/REX/Shutterstock By Lance Ulanoff2017-03-27 15:46:22 UTC Why can’t Jared tweet? Jared Kushner, son-in-law and Senior White House Adviser to President Donald Trump, is, according to The Washington Post, leading the brand new White House Office of American Innovation, which will be devoted to modernizing the federal government with ideas plucked form the […]

The story behind the viral picture of a young woman’s arrest in Russia

Hundreds of people were arrested across Russia on Sunday for taking part in anti-corruption protests that demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.  The biggest was in Moscow, where around 8,000 people, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny and many young people, took part in an unsanctioned demonstration.  As law enforcement officers proceeded to detain […]

The secret weapon that will make your next computer super fast

If you’ve ever waited for a webpage to load, took a lap around the office while your computer rendered 4K video or watched in dismay as your favorite video game stuttered to life, you know that computers are struggling to keep up with all the data. Intel isn’t down with that. On Monday, the chip […]

Facebook’s ‘Town Hall’ is probably the best thing the social network has ever done

U.S. President Barack Obama greets the audience as he arrives at a town hall style meeting at Facebook headquarters on April 20, 2011 in Palo Alto, California.Image: justin sullivan/getty images By Kerry Flynn2017-03-27 10:29:48 -0700 Like it or not, Facebook has an impact on politics. The social network contributed to President Donald Trump’s successful election, […]

How to turn off ‘Chat Heads’ in Facebook Messenger

Image: Christopher Mineses/Mashable By Freia Lobo2017-03-27 12:19:11 -0400 You never have to be interrupted by your friend’s floating head again. Chat Heads were introduced several years ago on Facebook Messenger for Android. The feature uses profile pictures of the people you’re talking to on Messenger as shortcuts for the chat—they pop up on your screen, […]

Alex Jones got relentlessly mocked after this tweet about the Queen

Alex Jones is not having a good week.  First, the conspiracy theorist for spreading the unfounded theory that a D.C. pizza restaurant was at the center of a child sex-abuse ring run by Hillary Clinton.  And now, the InfoWars host was relentlessly mocked for this tweet:  If you think this is nonsense it’s because it […]

These hilarious memes have taken over the Indian internet

India’s biometric-based central identification system that started as a “voluntary” program for its billion-plus citizens in 2009 has now become inescapable.  Consider this: Indians need an Aadhaar card to get a mobile connection, to renew a driving licence, to file their taxes, to open a bank account, and very soon, to even vote.  The  government […]

This shape-shifting chair is perfect for tiny apartments

Need somewhere to sit but don’t have the space for more furniture? Check out the ‘Ollie Chair,’ which can transform from a chair to a hanging art piece in just seconds. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, Real Time Video, and Real Time Source link