Everything you need to know about what Facebook announced at F8

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Facebook just showed the world some big plans. CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off its F8 developer conference with a new mission focused on community, some obvious movie references, and tons of dad jokes.

After the scattershot intro, Facebook got to business — revealing the new tools and platforms for its developer community, which foreshadow where the company and its family of apps are going. Here’s everything you need to know about what Facebook revealed on Day 1 at F8:

Augmented Reality Platform 

Zuckerberg began with an introduction to Facebook’s augmented reality platform, called Camera.  

Frame Studio

Frame Studio

AR Studio

AR Studio

Camera Effects is for artists, designers and developers to build custom graphics for Facebook Camera. Frame Studio and AR Studio are new tools for developers to build masks, animations and more. Zuck demoed various AR experiences, including many that look similar to Snapchat’s New World lenses, announced earlier on Tuesday.

FB spaces 

Facebook announced the beta of Spaces, the company’s social VR app. Spaces is an app for Oculus where users can interact with each other via their avatars. Users can also call friends who are not in the VR world via Messenger, interacting with them via floating 2D screens.

Messenger Platform 

“People prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies,” said David Marcus, Head of FB’s Messenger. The developer platform now has over 100,000 developers building on it. Messenger bots are getting a massive overhaul with the all new Messenger Platform 2.0. The company is introducing better discovery on the app. He also expressed a desire to turn Messenger into the “yellow pages of messaging.” Messenger updates also include Spotify and Apple Music integrations. Marcus also announced updates to Games by introducing rich game play and a Game tab in Messenger.

Workplace adds key enterprise features

Facebook’s Slack competitor, Workplace is adding file sharing, legal compliance and video to the existing suite of tools. 

The company also announced updates to Facebook Analytics, the Developer Circles pilot platform and updates to its increasingly powerful computer vision research.

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