What it’s actually like to hang out in Facebook Spaces

Virtual reality seems cool, but what can you actually do when you’re in it?  Quite a lot, it turns out.  On April 18, Facebook released a social VR experience called Facebook Spaces. Paired with an Oculus Rift, Spaces allows users to hang out with friends in a 360-degree virtual reality world and share 3D videos […]

Here’s yet another way Google Photos is better than Apple Photos

Image: pete pachal/mashable By Raymond Wong2017-04-14 16:34:20 UTC Google Photos continues to blow away the competition. The two-year-old service is easily the best free way to back up and store all of your photos and videos. But what’s better than all the storage you want (limited to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p resolution for […]

Author-turned politician has plenty to say about Britain’s colonial past

Shashi Tharoor is at it again.  The popular author-turned-politician has been blowing the lid off Britain’s colonial past, which he claims, have been brushed under the carpet.  “Not a line of colonial history” is being taught in the best schools of London, he says. His recent speeches, essays and book, An Era Of Darkness, is […]

Drone footage gives you a breathtaking glimpse of Apple campus

Thanks to drones, we now have footage of a nearly completed Apple Park — Apple’s brand new 175-acre campus in Silicon Valley, envisioned by the company’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs. Back in February it was announced that the campus would be opening to employees some time in April, but as we wait for the big […]

Google patented a mysterious camera hat

Google’s latest patent suggests the tech giant might be developing something to give Spectacles a run for their money.  Granted Tuesday, the patent describes “a hat and a camera system for the hat that can be used for an interactive session with a remote user.” Basically, it sounds like a cap with an embedded camera […]