New smart vending machines use apps and biometrics to sell weed

If you’re looking for a more convenient hookup, you might just be in luck.  A new line of super high-tech green vending machines debuted at the NAMAOneShow this week — and by “high” and “green,” we’re not talking about energy efficiency. The smart vending system, which has advanced features like biometric security capabilities, is built […]

Las Vegas will dispense clean needles in vending machines

Chelsi Cheatom, the program manager at Trac-B Exchange, demonstrates how the vending machines will work at a recent news conference.Image: southern nevada health district By Colin Daileda2017-04-14 18:00:22 UTC Las Vegas is about to set up vending machines to dispense clean needles, free of charge. The machines will be designed to make equipment more readily […]