Sean Spicer went an entire press briefing with something in his teeth

When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer opened his mouth at Monday’s press briefing everyone noticed food stuck on his teeth.Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2017-03-27 19:25:51 UTC It was bound to happen with the White House press briefing always scheduled right after lunch: Press Secretary Sean Spicer held Monday’s press event with food […]

The new head of the White House Office of American Innovation has never tweeted

What? Me Tweet?Image: REYNOLDS/EPA/REX/Shutterstock By Lance Ulanoff2017-03-27 15:46:22 UTC Why can’t Jared tweet? Jared Kushner, son-in-law and Senior White House Adviser to President Donald Trump, is, according to The Washington Post, leading the brand new White House Office of American Innovation, which will be devoted to modernizing the federal government with ideas plucked form the […]

Alex Jones got relentlessly mocked after this tweet about the Queen

Alex Jones is not having a good week.  First, the conspiracy theorist for spreading the unfounded theory that a D.C. pizza restaurant was at the center of a child sex-abuse ring run by Hillary Clinton.  And now, the InfoWars host was relentlessly mocked for this tweet:  If you think this is nonsense it’s because it […]

Twitter floats the idea of a service like Tweetdeck, but you pay for it

Fancy.Image: Bethany Clarke /Getty Images By Jack Morse2017-03-24 02:49:00 UTC Why give something away for free if you can charge for it? The Twitterverse was set aflame this afternoon with news that the company is considering creating a premium service for its power users. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be some sort of Tinder Select-esque club for […]

Maxine Waters tweets Trump impeachment joke, gets best response

LOL just can’t stop laughing at this situation.Image: mashable composite: Alex Wong/Getty and emojipedia By Nicole Gallucci2017-03-23 18:26:30 UTC Holy crap. Every time you think President Trump and his administration can’t possibly get any worse at using Twitter … they do. It’s just — it’s truly unbelievable, and on Wednesday afternoon, things escalated when the official […]

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the London attack — and got instantly dragged

Politicians are often accused of trying to capitalise on terror attacks for their own agenda.  So when Donald Trump Jr. sent a contemptuous tweet criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack that left three dead, Britons weren’t happy.  The U.S. president’s son tweeted a link to a September 2016 […]

Twitter finally finds a way to silence Piers Morgan — and for a good cause

You can put him on mute, just for one day.Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock By Gianluca Mezzofiore2017-03-22 14:35:24 UTC It is safe to say that Piers Morgan has stirred some controversy lately, from calling people attending the Women’s Marches in January “rabid feminists” to his Twitter feud with J.K. Rowling.  So when he pledged to go silent […]

Meet Milo Ventimiglia, your new favorite Apple fanboy *swoon*

Wait a minute — was Apple cool before the scruffy and talented dreamboat Milo Ventimiglia tweeted about it being cool? I mean, I think it was but I honestly can’t even remember anymore. All I know is that my stomach is full of butterflies and my heart is racing because on Tuesday afternoon, Ventimiglia blessed […]

Twitter suspends over 600,000 extremist accounts but still manages to feel like a flaming garbage pile

Sad!Image: MEDIAPUNCH/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK By Jack Morse2017-03-21 15:14:04 -0700 Twitter revealed that it has suspended hundreds of thousands of accounts in an effort “to combat violent extremism.”   So why does the service still feel like it’s chock full of extremist assholes? The numbers, released on Tuesday in Twitter’s 10th semiannual Transparency Report, are striking.  Between Aug. […]

This hidden Twitter setting will free up iPhone storage space

Image: brittany herbert/mashable By Raymond Wong2017-03-21 17:25:21 UTC Running out of storage on your iPhone? Besides deleting a whole bunch of stuff and using weird weird tricks to free up storage, there’s now another easy way to get back precious digital space…if you’re a Twitter user. The latest version of the Twitter iPhone app includes […]