Yes, you really can turn up the volume on colour (Paid content by Samsung AU)

Any gamer knows that reaction time is crucial. A split second can make or break a game, separating the winners from those doomed to be on potato chip and soda duty; you need to be 100 percent present at all times. Sharp, clear colours are like the secret weapons you never knew you needed – […]

It’s the absolute worst time for ‘Girlboss’ on Netflix

When Netflix signed on for Girlboss, it probably sounded like a great idea. Feminism, fashion, and San Francisco? We were about to have our first female president, so what could go wrong?  When the show starts streaming on Friday, things will be a little different. Not only are we living in Trump’s America, but Nasty […]

The cast of ‘Silicon Valley’ is totally divided on Snapchat

And vegetables take a serious hit.Image: John P. Johnson/HBO By Jack Morse and Karissa Bell2017-04-12 01:36:39 UTC Snapchat or Instagram Stories? It’s the eternal question of the social-media age, and the cast of HBO’s Silicon Valley is wrestling with it just like the rest of us.  Just as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to copy […]

Explore TV technology from the inside at innovative QLED Live event (Paid content by Samsung AU)

Colours can have a powerful effect on your senses, your mood, and your overall sense of wellbeing. While vibrant reds and oranges are full of energy, colours like blue and green can have a more soothing effect.   But what if you could encounter pigments with a little more, shall we say, pizzazz?    An […]

Samsung The Frame TV will be available this spring

Why does a TV need to look like a big black rectangle in your living room when it’s turned off? It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s the premise of Samsung’s “The Frame” TV, which the company announced Tuesday would be available to consumers sometime this spring.  First debuted at CES 2017, the TV […]