Freak out over this video of the coolest flying car yet

Well, that’s pretty amazing. Lilium Aviation dropped a video showing the successful test flight of its all-electric flying car—aka vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) prototype, per The Verge—and it’s something to behold.  The vehicle gets its vertical lift thanks to the 36 electric jets mounted on the vehicle’s wings on a dozen movable flaps pointed […]

We finally have proof Apple is working on a self-driving car

Apple may have a car up its sleeve after all.Image: Richard Drew/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Karissa Bell2017-04-14 18:41:13 UTC Looks like Apple’s finally stepping on the gas. We’ve now got confirmation that Apple’s gearing up to make a big move in the auto industry. Cupertino’s been granted a permit to test self-driving cars in California, according to […]

Here’s a flying car you will actually be able to buy this year

Flying cars are the future, right? In the 1960s, the world imagined a future in which anyone could afford to take a drive above the scenery, but the technology simply never got there.  Now, Slovakian startup AeroMobil has announced it will be launching a flying car this year — and unlike their first prototype, unveiled […]

Uber wants to make flying cars cheaper than owning a regular one

Your future Uber is here.Image: Shutterstock / Costazzurra By Yvette Tan2017-04-07 09:51:17 UTC Could flying around in an aircraft one day be cheaper than owning your own car? Uber thinks so. The ride-sharing giant says it hopes for Uber Elevate, its new “on demand air transportation” system — basically flying cars — to get to […]

Hyperloop One test track is finished. When can we ride it?

Elon Musk’s literal (transportation) pipe dream, Hyperloop One, just hit another critical milestone: The first Hyperloop test track—or really, test tube—is finished.  The 1,640-foot long tube doesn’t go anywhere. It isn’t even a loop, just a perfectly straight line of conjoined tubes (Hyperloop said that was always the plan). Inside that tube, Hyperloop will continue […]

Hyperloop One shows first photos of its desert test loop

They’re building a tube in the desert. After some delays, lots of controversy and maybe a little concern about the longevity of the enterprise, HyperLoop One, the next-gen transportation company, is building a full-scale test track (test tube?) in the Nevada desert. Unveiled at Dubai’s Middle East Rail Conference, the images and video show 50 […]

Uber created a fake version of its app to trick and evade authorities

If at first you don’t succeed, go to elaborate lengths to trick and evade regulatory authorities trying to bring you down. That appears to be the maxim at Uber, if a new report is accurate. Investigating users’ social media profiles, bank accounts, phone models, and creating a fake version of the app are just some […]