Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S8 leak. But this time, there’s colors.

Curious about the Samsung Galaxy S8? Let us direct you to all the leaks, leaks, and leaks. We’re just over one week away from the actual launch of the flagship smartphone, and still, the leaks keep coming. On Sunday, mobile reporter Evan Blass shared some purported front and profile images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 […]

Huawei P10 is simultaneously good and really boring

I’ve said this many times: Huawei makes great phones. They’re built to last and their software won’t cause you many headaches after you get used to it. All the Huawei phones I’ve tested in the last couple of years worked very well, even after I’ve been using them a while (which can’t be said for […]

You can now manage your bank account with emojis

We rarely go to the bank anymore. Our main interaction with these money-tending edifices is through the tiny money-spitting mouths of ATMs. But we miss the human interaction.  It’s unlikely we’ll ever get that same-level of human-banker contact back, but at least Capital One is giving us a banking chat bot, the first, they claim, […]

Apple claims ‘many’ security bugs from the Vault 7 leak are already fixed

Image: Cristina Ascani/Mashable By Stan Schroeder2017-03-08 10:22:12 UTC Worried how the recent trove of secret CIA documents affects you and the phone you’re currently using? With regards to that particular set of bugs, (which describe numerous vulnerabilities in both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS), iPhone owners are mostly in the clear, but not completely.  According […]