This personal helicopter is the motorcycle of the sky

Developed by ‘GEN Corporation,’ the ‘GEN H-4’ is a personal helicopter that’s steered using a control bar. It reaches speeds up to 55 mph, and can fly for up to an hour. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Japanese, Japan, Skies, and Sky Source link

Snack and game worry-free with this handy desktop mop

Matthew Kline about 8 hours ago Greasy, crumb-covered hands are a problem of the past for gamers. The ‘Wype’ hand rag is a quick any easy way to clean your hands. Whether eating popcorn or potato chips, the ‘Wype’ lets you get back to what you were doing quickly and without leaving a mess. Source […]

There’s a reinvented lawnmower that does all the work for you

Ryan Sedmak about 2 hours ago The ‘Miimo‘ robot from Honda will do your least favorite summer chore for you. It mows your lawn.  The device was designed with safety in mind. It’s equipped with sensors that force the blades to stop cutting if it’s unexpectedly hit or moved. Source link

An all-electric flying car just made its first flight and it's as cool as it sounds

‘‘ created an all-electric two-seater flying car that’s capable of vertical takeoff and landing. It has a range of 185 miles and reaches speeds of up to 185 mph. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Taxis, Air Taxi, Lilium Aviation, and All Electric Source link

Toyota's new robotic leg brace will help stroke patients walk again

Toyota launched a robotic leg brace, the Welwalk WW-100. The motorised device is designed to help partially paralysed people, such as stroke patients. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Mobility, Future, Inventions, and Japan Source link

Taking a virtual selfie in Facebook Spaces is mind-boggling

We had a first look at Facebook’s new VR Oculus app called Facebook Spaces. Take selfies with a virtual selfie stick, draw 3D pictures, make video calls, and more. Read more… More about Mashable Video, Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, and Real Time Video Source link

Woman makes an epic solo world tour on a motorbike

Nikki Misurelli is journeying around the world on her motorbike, hoping to inspire women to travel. Read more… More about Nikki Misurelli, Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, and Adventure Travel Source link

Someone combined the best parts of the Kindle and iPad

reMarkable is a “paper tablet” and features a “canvas” display that looks and feels like real paper. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, E Ink, and Invention Source link

This machine will 3D-print a second skin onto your iPhone

‘Contour‘ by Slickwraps is a desktop mobile 3D printer that prints mobile cases onto the phone itself. Read more… More about 3d Printed, Phone Case, Real Time Video, 3d Printer, and 3d Printing Source link

This mini scuba gear lets everyone dive like a pro

MiniDive condenses traditional, clunky scuba diving gear into a tiny tank and harness so users can swim more freely. Read more… More about Scuba Gear, Minidive Pro, Real Time Video, Real Time Video, and Real Time Source link