What it’s actually like to hang out in Facebook Spaces

Virtual reality seems cool, but what can you actually do when you’re in it?  Quite a lot, it turns out.  On April 18, Facebook released a social VR experience called Facebook Spaces. Paired with an Oculus Rift, Spaces allows users to hang out with friends in a 360-degree virtual reality world and share 3D videos […]

Tech CEOs are looking more and more like politicians

Last week, Dennis Mitzner, an Israeli tech journalist, published a on his website claiming an overemphasis on social justice had “contaminated” tech journalism. He grumbled about how a press visit to a Nokia factory had, in his mind, been derailed. Instead of focusing on the company’s plans to build a commercial 5G network, the group […]

F8 makes it abundantly clear that Facebook has ambitions way beyond your social network

Why settle for a piece of the pie when you can have it all?Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty By Jack Morse2017-04-20 02:10:31 UTC Facebook is coming for you.  With the social media giant’s F8 conference in the rear-view mirror, it is now more clear than ever that what we think of when we think of Facebook — […]

What’s missing from Facebook’s vision of a VR future

On Tuesday, Facebook doubled down on its commitment to pushing social media into virtual reality (“doubling down” is literally the language they used).  Stalking the stage at F8, Mark Zuckerberg, and later the company’s head of social VR, Rachel Franklin, laid out the next phase of Facebook’s vision for getting you to take your Likes, […]

Facebook to developers: Help us destroy Snapchat

Mark Zuckerberg cares about a few things: his family (including his dog Beast), live video and VR, and destroying Snapchat.  The 32-year-old billionaire CEO made that clear in his keynote during Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference. When most of the world was seeing flashing headlines on CNN about a man who leveraged Facebook to show […]

Sorry, Facebook, but social VR will never be a thing

In about 24 hours, Mark Zuckerberg will take the stage at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8. In his many updates about the company he’ll no doubt bring us up to speed on Facebook’s progress in social VR. You know, social VR? Socializing in virtual reality? You might remember it as that thing where a Zuck […]

The Zuckerberg manifesto in action— Facebook launches first ‘Communities Summit’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world in a mere 6,000 words earlier this year  that he was going to take understanding his country, and the factions within it, seriously.  Now, we have the first real step in that direction.  On Tuesday, Facebook revealed it will hold its first-ever Facebook Communities Summit later this […]

Your News Feed is such a mess that Facebook is giving you another one

There’s nothing quite like a clean slate — especially one that’s pre-populated with a generous helping of algorithmically generated spam. Perhaps realizing that the News Feed has over the years morphed into a cluttered mess, Facebook has started testing an entirely new feed with a subset of its users.  After all, why have one feed […]

Facebook struggles to prevent violence on Facebook Live

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that live video is the future of Facebook, but what if that future is terrifying and full of violence? What happens when one of the largest proponents of live video struggles to manage its darker side? Reports that the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl was broadcast on Facebook Live […]

Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick laugh it up at ‘Babes and Balls’ party

What would any kind of Silicon Valley outing be without ping pong and a heaping side of sexism?  We may never know. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick both recently attended a birthday party for fellow rich white guy Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, at the Susan Sarandon-owned San Francisco outpost of SPiN. […]