‘She’s not waking up:’ Boy saves mom using Siri to call ambulance

The boy’s call got emergency responders to his mom in 13 minutes.Image: Dan Peled/Epa/REX/Shutterstock By Colin Daileda2017-03-24 17:00:51 UTC A little voice came on the phone and introduced himself as Roman.  The four-year-old boy had touched his mom’s thumb to her phone and used Siri to call for an ambulance. His mom, he said, was […]

Can the CIA hack your iPhone? What you need to know about the WikiLeaks dump.

Image: brittany herbert/Mashable By Karissa Bell2017-03-24 03:25:34 UTC The CIA has put quite a bit effort into figuring out ways to hack Apple devices.That’s the takeaway from the latest batch of documents dumped by WikiLeaks.  The so-called “Dark Matter”documents, published Thursday, detail methods allegedly used by the CIA to infect MacBooks and some older iPhones […]

This hidden Twitter setting will free up iPhone storage space

Image: brittany herbert/mashable By Raymond Wong2017-03-21 17:25:21 UTC Running out of storage on your iPhone? Besides deleting a whole bunch of stuff and using weird weird tricks to free up storage, there’s now another easy way to get back precious digital space…if you’re a Twitter user. The latest version of the Twitter iPhone app includes […]

Apple extends the window for AppleCare+ eligibility to one year

Ugh, screen cracks suck.Image: Ben Margot/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Brett Williams2017-03-20 15:33:56 UTC Good news for all you clumsy Apple lovers out there: You now have a little bit longer to take the plunge to insure your shiny new iPhone.  Apple just extended the window for iPhone owners to opt-in to AppleCare+ coverage from 60 days after […]

Get ready for all sorts of augmented reality wizardry on your iPhone

We know that Tim Cook loves augmented reality. He loves it so much that he declared the technology might be as big as an idea as the smartphone.  Now, a new report from Bloomberg sheds some light on what, exactly, Apple is working on in the field of AR, and what it might mean for […]

Google Motion Stills Live Photo editing app is updated

Google Motion Stills is a must-have app for iPhone fans with troves of Live Photos — and it just got even better. The image editor already makes Live Photos less jarring by stabilizing shaky background movement and focusing on the motion at the center of an image’s frame. It also converts the pics to more […]

Put a lock screen on your phone, sheeple!

People: Please at LEAST enable a lock screen.Image: Brittany herbert/mashable By Brett Williams2017-03-15 22:36:21 UTC With sensational news stories like the CIA leak and personal data seizures at international borders, everyone should have plenty of reason to be smart about their phone security, right?  Eh, maybe not. A report resurfaced by the Pew Research Center […]

Apple granted a new patent on a VR headset to connect with iPhones

Apple might be working on its own VR rig, like this design from Alcatel.Image: brittany herbert/mashable By Brett Williams2017-03-14 16:59:34 UTC Will we ever be able to have Apple-designed virtual reality adventures using our iPhones?  The tech giant’s approach to VR has been cautious and quiet compared to peers like Google and Samsung, which are […]

Get ready for a bunch of new Apple products, including a phone in this long-overdue color

Exciting news.Image: LILI SAMS/MASHABLE By Jack Morse2017-03-13 19:01:40 UTC Apple fans have some good news to start out the week. The company is expected to announce a host of new products shortly, further fleshing out the iPad, iPhone, and even the Apple Watch ecosystems. Word of the imminent unveiling comes to us via MacRumors, which […]

Apple patent describes iPhone design with retractable screen

The less tasty (but still cool) iPhone 7.Image: Lili Sams/mashable By Brett Williams2017-03-02 16:29:19 UTC Apple’s far-flung concepts for a future iPhone seem to be inspired by a famous snack food.  The company’s latest patent filing, brought to light by AppleInsider, describes a bold new build with a super-flexible OLED screen that retracts into a […]