These companies actually made working hoverboards

Movie fans and tech geeks alike have long shared a common dream: a chance to ride on Marty McFly’s hoverboard, just like in Back to the Future Part II.  When the date portrayed in the movie, October 21, 2015, came and passed, though, the gadgets we most commonly thought of as hoverboards had two wheels […]

You probably wouldn’t even want to ride a real life hoverboard

Trust us: you don’t really want a real life hoverboard — at least not in the first few iterations of the future tech. Sure, you’ve probably been impatiently waiting for the day you’d finally be able to zoom above the pavement from the moment you saw Marty McFly defy the laws of gravity in Back […]

Dangerous, explosive hoverboards are still lurking, and here’s another recall to remind you of it

Image: cpsc/Vecaro Lifestyle, image modified by Mashable  By Adario Strange2017-03-25 19:05:25 UTC Here we go again.  Following the tragic deaths of two children in Pennsylvania caused by a hoverboard fire earlier this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced the recall of yet another hoverboard brand.  The brand is Los Angeles-based Vecaro […]

The first American hoverboard fire deaths are now part of a federal investigation

A burned hoverboard in an image from the CPSC during the agency’s 2016 investigation.Image: U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION By Adario Strange2017-03-18 15:57:02 UTC The tragic fire ignited by a malfunctioning hoverboard that claimed the life of a child last week just took another. Now, a federal investigation has been launched to look into the […]

Fire caused by an unsafe hoverboard results in death of a toddler

Image: Sean Simmers / via AP By Adario Strange2017-03-13 00:03:16 UTC Despite product recalls and repeated warnings from government officials over the past two years, some people are still using unsafe hoverboards. Now a child from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has died as a result of an apparently faulty board.  The fire was reported around 8 p.m. […]