Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch

Just a couple of days after releasing its new NikeLab version of the Apple Watch, Apple is leveraging the device’s reputation as a fitness tool to join in the Earth Day festivities.  Early Saturday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo of a new special edition achievement badge on the Apple Watch designed to get […]

Nike announces new Apple Watch Nikelab colorway

The Apple Watch just got a sporty boost of refined style, courtesy of Nike. NikeLab, the sportswear company’s creative arm for exclusive collaborations with top designers and fashion labels, just announced the Apple Watch NikeLab edition.   The new design pairs a Space Gray Apple Watch casing with a “Light Bone/Black” band, giving the device […]

Face it: Smartwatches are totally doomed

The CEO of Chinese electronics maker Huawei raised eyebrows this week when he publicly trashed smartwatches.  “I am always confused as to what smartwatches are for when we have smartphones,” Eric Xu Zhijun said, adding that he would never ever wear one himself — despite the fact that his own company makes them. That may […]

Apple is secretly working to revolutionize how we treat diabetes

An Apple Watch a day keeps the doctor away.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images By Jack Morse2017-04-12 18:09:21 -0700 Personal computing, phones, watches, and … diabetes? Cupertino-based Apple has over its 41-year lifespan successfully disrupted the former, but it may be about to revolutionize treatment for the latter.  According to a report from CNBC, the tech giant […]

Fitbit’s smartwatch is reportedly going through development issues

Fitbit’s successor to the Fitbit Blaze (pictured here) isn’t coming along too well.Image: elizabeth pierson/mashable By Brett Williams2017-04-12 02:06:41 UTC Fitbit’s primed to finally break out of the fitness tracking vertical with a smartwatch built for mass appeal — but the company’s apparently having a hard time even bringing a device to the starting line.  […]

This hack lets you play Pokémon on your Apple Watch

Image: gabriel o’flaherty-chan By Freia Lobo2017-03-21 16:34:05 UTC Now you can catch ’em all on your Apple Watch. Not to be confused with Pokémon Go for Apple Watch, a new project by developer Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan turns your Apple Watch into a mostly functioning Game Boy through the magic of emulation.   The program is named […]

Get ready for a bunch of new Apple products, including a phone in this long-overdue color

Exciting news.Image: LILI SAMS/MASHABLE By Jack Morse2017-03-13 19:01:40 UTC Apple fans have some good news to start out the week. The company is expected to announce a host of new products shortly, further fleshing out the iPad, iPhone, and even the Apple Watch ecosystems. Word of the imminent unveiling comes to us via MacRumors, which […]

Latest wearables report shows big gains for Apple, losses for Fitbit

The Apple Watch is running strong.Image: Jose Sanchez/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Brett Williams2017-03-03 00:44:15 UTC With the downfall of Pebble late last year, it looked like the wearables market could be in trouble.  Nope. It hit an all-time high with 33.9 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2016, growing 16.9 percent year over year, according […]