Facebook reaction GIFs could soon finally be a thing

Facebook could soon have a lot more GIFs.Image: Eric Risberg/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Karissa Bell2017-03-24 18:28:28 UTC It’s about freaking time. GIFs could finally be coming to more places on Facebook.  The social network plans to start testing a new GIF button in comments, Facebook confirmed Friday, meaning proper reaction GIFs could finally be a thing. It’s […]

Will the new electronics ban affect your travel plans?

Image: mashable composite By Raymond Wong2017-03-24 18:35:51 UTC Welcome back to another week of . On this week’s podcast, the Mashable tech team breaks down the new electronics restrictions that’ll affect passengers flying to the U.S. and UK from select Middle Eastern and North African countries. This week’s MashTalk is hosted by Senior Tech Correspondent […]

How to protect your Apple ID from the iCloud ransom threats

Earlier this week, a sketchy group of hackers announced a bold claim: they had access to hundreds of millions of Apple emails, and then, threatened to wipe user data from 200 million iCloud accounts if their ransom demands aren’t met by April 7.   The group, which calls itself the Turkish Crime Family (TCF), made […]

How your car might be protected from hackers in the future

Autonomous car models race around a track.Image: Focke STRANGMANN/EPA/REX/Shutterstock By Colin Daileda2017-03-24 12:27:08 -0700 Two senators are trying to defend your future cars from hacks.  Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal (of Massachusetts and Connecticut, respectively) recently reintroduced the SPY Car Act, which aims to protect the control of your vehicle as well as any data […]

Mario ‘runs’ onto Android, Uber for teens and a Google search redesign

This week was full of tech news. Apple launched a (RED) iPhone, we heard Instagram is adding bookings to the app and Elon Musk just teased Tesla’s next car. It’s a lot, so you may have missed some of the best new apps out there.  We’ve kept up for you. Each week, we round up […]

‘Sexism is systemic in tech and other industries’

Uber is failing at step one: Admit you have a problem.  The latest example comes via a tweet from Kamilah Taylor, a senior software engineer and coauthor of Women In Tech, who was recently approached by Uber hiring’s team with a job offer.  So per Uber HR, they do “understand” the concern of “Uber’s questionable […]

Robots are plotting to make your salads

‘Casabots‘ creates robots to help restaurants with food prep. Their first robot, “Sally,” makes salads. Read more… More about Real Time Video, Real Time Video, Real Time, Real Time Video, and Small Business Source link

Dangerous, explosive hoverboards are still lurking, and here’s another recall to remind you of it

Image: cpsc/Vecaro Lifestyle, image modified by Mashable  By Adario Strange2017-03-25 19:05:25 UTC Here we go again.  Following the tragic deaths of two children in Pennsylvania caused by a hoverboard fire earlier this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced the recall of yet another hoverboard brand.  The brand is Los Angeles-based Vecaro […]

Um why is there a teddy bear emoji on these leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 camera photos?

Image: Brittany Herbert/Mashable By Karissa Bell2017-03-25 22:47:40 UTC Okay, now the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks are just getting ridiculous. We’re just days away from Samsung’s big reveal, so, naturally, we’ve pretty much seen the entire phone at this point. Now, thanks to another intrepid leaker, we have a new batch of high-resolution photos to obsess […]

Stephen Hawking gave a speech via hologram. Again.

A hologram of Stephen Hawking.Image: ARHT Media/Paul Duffy By Miriam Kramer2017-03-24 12:43:41 -0700 Cosmologist Stephen Hawking spoke in Hong Kong on Friday — only he wasn’t actually present for the speech.  The world-renowned physicist actually gave his speech live via hologram for the 90-minute lecture about his life and work. He was beamed in for […]